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Welcome to the The Peers Community, a highly motivated community of people with a strong interest in free software and free culture.

We all help each other toward the common goal of supporting and growing free projects. The Peers Community provides a list of independent projects that all strive for free (as in freedom!) software and culture. If you would like to learn more about a particular project, feel free to reach out to them directly.


The following is a list of projects by people participating in our community.

If you would like to join us and add your project, feel free to contact us.

peers (source) vaeringjar, zPlus Code for Peers Community website and organization repositories.
freepost (source) zPlus, vaeringjar A free discussion board
NotABug (source) TMM Website for collaborating on free projects and free documentation using Git
MetaDB zPlus A public database consisting only of free/libre data, aimed to help other projects and people in the free software community to access common information.
libreboot (sources) leah Libreboot is a free (libre) BIOS/UEFI replacement. Based on coreboot, the aim is to distribute low-level boot firmware that is 100% free software, and easy to use.
minifree leah Minifree provides computer systems with the fully free Libreboot BIOS replacement and Trisquel GNU+Linux, preinstalled, with FSF Respects Your Freedom certification
Vikings Vikings GmbH Vikings is the world's first professional hosting provider with a fully libre hosting stack, fully respecting the freedom and privacy of users. All services are based entirely on libre boot firmware, libre software and are powered by certified green energy.
Vikings is a (partly) crowdfunded project, and it is still raising money. Please consider supporting the project with a donation.
Vikings also offers a store to buy Respects-Your-Freedom certified hardware. (source) Eloquence A free, open and not-for-profit platform for reviewing absolutely anything, in any language.
Free your stuff! (source) Eloquence A content liberation extension for Chromium, for supported websites.
awesome-gamedev Calinou A collection of free software and free culture resources for making amazing games.
spm kl3 Simple Password Manager
DMUX bkeys A game about customizing cars, joining a team and fighting other cars, however not all game modes are this way.
freedom-delayed pizzaiolo Checklist for projects that have promised to liberate software in the future (but so far, haven't)
License (sources) Nathan, zPlus App for Android to search software licenses and read their full text version, as defined by SPDX.
InternetRadio (sources) Nathan, zPlus Simple Android app for searching and listening to Internet radio stations.
Dragora selk, mechaniputer The Dragora project produces a libre, reliable, GNU/Linux distribution made from scratch. Dragora respects the freedom of the user with the values of free software and provides control to those who use it. Dragora is developed entirely by volunteers and it is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
META tuna Collection of metadata
Digit's Big Tiny Font Collection and Collection 2 (sources) Digit A big collection of (mostly) tiny bitmap fonts.
funbot and fpbot fr33domlover An IRC bot for learning, fun and collaboration in the Freepost community.
archive-webextension (source) zPlus WebExtension to save web pages to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. (source) vaeringjar Instance of the gnusocial federated social network.
Vervis (demo instance) fr33domlover Vervis is a project hosting and management application, with a focus on software projects and decentralization. It's still in very early development.

Inactive Projects

These projects are no longer actively developed or maintained, but not necessarily dead.

librepup dimkr GNU/Linux-libre distribution, a libre fork of Puppy Linux that uses Trisquel packages.
toothpaste (sources) fr33domlover Paste server written in Haskell. Fork of Hpaste, fully freedom and privacy respecting and generally improved.

Projects Jam

Every Friday around 19:00Z - 21:00Z, we meet on #peers to collaborate on active Peers projects. Everybody has the opportunity to ask for help with any open issues in their projects, and we work together to try to fix them.

Would you like to help too? Feel free to join us! It's a good opportunity to help a free project, and also to get to know us! You can also read about past Jams in the blog section.


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Also, for an honourable mention, we mirror some of our favourite projects.


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