In general, The Peers Community has several long term goals:

  • Funding. Peers originally had planned to start as a fundraising service for priority and member projects. Not too long before Peers started, Snowdrift had already begun research on a free/libre crowdfunding service.
  • Prioritization. We plan to follow the example of the FSF which has their own list of high priority projects. Peers has a list of project ideas, though at this time cannot offer bounties in general.
  • Reducing Compromise. Not everyone leaves proprietary software in a single bound, in fact it might take a long time to achieve. Watch or listen to a roundtable discussion on the need (or lack of need) for compromise in Free Software. Hosted by Bryan Lunduke with panelists including: Richard M Stallman, Aaron Seigo, Swapnil Bhartiya, and Stuart Langridge.

The Peers Kanban

The Peers Kanban uses an instance of Wekan for a high level list of tasks for Peers. For now have have hosted it on Oasis until we can transfer it to one of our local servers.


For specific tasks, please visit the issue trackers for each respective Peers project.

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