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In July I announced plans to retire on 2020-08-31. After three years of running the site, I decided the time and money necessary to support the dwindling number of users no longer made sense. It took me away from the Peers Community and drained me of my energy. I spent more time dealing with troublemakers than supporting a platform I could use to socialize with folks.

I will finally remove it from the Peers projects list. The "IRL" stresses related to the raging fires and covid19 have delayed much of my activities the last several weeks...

2 New projects

Since fun is fun, last years I started working on an emacs orgmode-based static-site-generator and a table-top RPG game. And just last week I started making a map renderer that uses pygame. I plan to eventually build a website using these tools so folks can play ttrpg games online (perhaps using jitsi or mumble).

Earlier this year I also started writing an enterprise-data-related web app to replace features I use in one of my day jobs. Academically, I've also studied self-sovereign identity for the past several years. I worked on a project called securemailbox and also created some prototypes, one which I named peers-identity. Eventually I plan on integrating all of these so folks can use GPG to login without the use of passwords.

None of these are official Peers projects yet. I'd really like to combine peers-bounty-hunts into the main website and I also have considered migrating the website from pelican to the orgmode SSG. We sill need to discuss it.