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Projects Jam

1 Prologue

Yesterday, after taking a look at using spm, I decided I should take the next step in becoming more active from project to project. I posted my idea:

I want to start a casual weekly "let's take a look at a Peers project issue(s)" thing. As long as I do this alone, I think I'll do this either on Thursday or Friday, probably around my lunch which tends to happen around 19:00Z to 21:00Z. But if others want to plan a meeting time on #peers, let me know and we can schedule it.

Then I answered a single question on the spm issue tracker.

2 Kickoff

Today I decided to look at freedom-delayed, probably one of my favourite projects that isn't code. Overall, not much changed. I mainly used to verify old references and to save current version. I also used Wikipedia to see if anyone had referenced or discussed any of the projects. fr33domlover and bkeys joined in the chat, working on their own respective projects.

3 Minor Highlights

I had problems loading the reference to the Dwarf Fortress promise to free the code, so I opened an issue on the tracker.

Pocket might have or almost freed itself. Unsure as a non-user.

I also could not load zynaddsubfx.